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User:used as medium of high-temperature environment air cooler; as sensing medium of heat pump working medium and temperature control component

Packing specification: Recyclable steel cylinder 400kg/400L, 800kg/800L, 20MT bulk in ISO tank.

Physical property

molecular weight100.5latent heat of evaporation under boiling point, KJ/kg215
boiling point (1 atm), °C-9steam thermal conductivity(1 atm, 25 °C), mw/mk9.4
density(30 °C), liquid, g/cm31.096water solubility(25 °C), w%0.14
critical temperature, °C137.1specific heat(30 °C), liquid, KJ/kg °C1.34
critical pressure, MPa4.12ODP0.057
critical density, g/cm30.435GWP1001980

Quality index(HG/T 4795-2014)

appearancecolorless transparent liquefied gas
acidity(in HCL), %≤0.0001
residue on evaporation,%≤0.05